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  • Date:2011-12-29



Application Procedure for Construction License Use

Application Case Item for Public Service

Construction License Use

Undertaking Unit

Construction Section

Contact Telephone Number




Application Procedure

Apply to Construction Section of the township office.

Required Document

Instruction for Name of Forms or Documents

1. Three building licenses in yellow file. 2. Three buildings that use license application forms and the content in the form should be filled out in detail.

3. Two building license review forms. 4. The original of nuclear construction license or miscellaneous license.

5. Public facilities inspection certificate of new (added) buildings of township office.

6. Air defense and/or refuge equipment checklist (do not need to attach for those who do not have).

7. Copy of address plate (glue one attachment for every 4 households).

8. Colorful photos of construction completion should include all elevation views of buildings, projection on the roof, the full views of the roof, the environmental full views around the base, arcades, fire compartments, parking spaces, machinery parking equipment, access roads, enlarging address plates, sign boards of buildings, common antennas, billboards of parking spaces and fire equipment, etc.

9. Application of changing construction completion drawings (do not need to attach if no changing construction completion drawings).

10. Combination of case processing with design change application form (do not need to attach if without).

11. Combination of case processing construction completion exhibition period application form (if applying for license use in valid period of construction license, do not need to attach).

12. Construction enterprises contracting construction completion investigation reports.

13. Housing product version quality control information.

14. Other necessary documents.

15. Three construction completion drawings (including cadastral map, current status map, layout, area calculation chart, benefit scheduled index table, floor plan of each floor, elevation drawing of all directions and fire equipment plan) (stamped with seal of builder, contractor and inspector).

16. Information of non-radioactive  pollution certificate.

17. Related information of examination and approval of lifting equipment.

Name of Electronic File



Way To Get and Instruction


Processing Time

7 days

Application Method

Apply in person or application filed by proxy.